Why The Faux Flowers Shop

If you're searching for realistic and authentic looking faux flowers, then look no further than our Faux Flowers Shop. We believe we have some of the most gorgeous artificial flowers that can be found in today's marketplace.

We specialise in stems so you can create your own arrangement and in hand-tied bouquets which provide an instant display and are ideal as gifts for special friends or loved ones.

Using only the very finest materials, each stem and flower is hand-crafted and painted by skilled artists so that the colours and shapes are truly authentic with no two being exactly the same.

The popularity of quality faux flowers has been steadily growing over the years and for very good reasons.   Pollen-free, they are ideal for those with allergies – and are also safer for pets as some real flowers can be harmful to them.  

They are really easy to maintain.  They are durable and flexible in the ways they can be used and unlike real flowers that can quickly wilt and die, faux flowers will last for a long, long time.  This means that although the initial price may seem a little higher they do offer incredible value for money in the long run. 

We have personally sourced and carefully selected this special portfolio of blooms for your pleasure and enjoyment.

What We Offer

Choosing faux flowers, especially when there is so much choice, can be difficult so we’ve tried to make it easy.  Some of our clients prefer to buy stems and create their own floral designs and displays whilst others would like to receive a specially created bouquet.   We offer both options!    

Our bouquets have been lovingly made with selected blooms in various authentic shades and with an eye on the shape of the blooms themselves.  They also include complementary life-like foliage to complete the picture.  Complete in themselves, our bouquets will create a stunning feature in a room and are a wonderful gift for friends and loved ones.

We also have bunches which represent a mix of colours of a specific flower so that you can enjoy the breadth of their beauty.

Every bouquet and bunch will be hand-tied with raffia and wrapped in cellophane and tissue paper so they arrive with you in the very best condition.   On arrival, all you will need to do is place them in a vase of your choice.      See our handy tips below for more help.

As each bouquet and bunch is hand-made, they may differ slightly to the featured picture but they will be in the same style.

If you can’t find exactly what you want or would like to mix colours we will be happy to create something especially for you. For a minimum cost of £60 you can select a mixture of stems from across the range – just email us at hello@thefauxflowersshop.com and we’ll be in touch to confirm your order!

Our Collection

The Bold and The Beautiful
The Cosmos
The Floral Jewels
The Golden Touch
The Mystery Drama
The Nigella Effect
The Peony Par Excellence
The Peony Vibe
The Rose Collection
The Serenity
The Spring Whisper
The Sweet Pea Collection
The Summer Ice
Cosmic Cosmos Daisy
Cosmic Cosmos Daisies
Dainty Daisy
Dainty Daisies
White Delphiniums
Dreamy Delphiniums
Dreamy Double Pink Delphiniums
Dreamy Double Delphiniums
Endearing White Eucalyptus
Endearing Eucalyptus
Happy Pink Hellebores
Happy Hellebores
Dramatic White Hydrangeas
Dramatic Hydrangeas
Hydrangeas - Short Stem
Idyllic Purple  Irises
Idyllic Irises
Lamb's Ears
Lovely Lavender
Lovely Lavender
Luscious  Pink Lilac - Short Stem
Luscious Lilac - Short Stem
Luscious White Lilac - Long Stem
Luscious Lilac - Long Stem
Love In The Mist (Nigella)
Pretty Peonies - Single Flower
Pretty Peonies - Single Flower
Pretty Pink  Peonies - With Bud
Pretty Peonies - Large With Bud
Pretty Peonies - With Closed Bud
Racey Purple Ranunculus
Racey Ranunculus
Ravishing White Roses - Hybrid Tea
Ravishing Roses - Hybrid Tea
Ravishing Roses - Hybrid Tea Sprays
Ravishing Pink Roses - Large Bud
Ravishing Roses - Large Bud
Ravishing Pink  Roses - Old English
Ravishing Roses - Old English
Saucy Purple Scabious
Saucy Scabious
Stunning Purple Stocks
Stunning Stocks
Sweetest Blue Sweet Peas
Sweetest Sweet Peas
Vibrant Pale Green Viburnum
Vibrant Viburnum

Tips On Arranging Your Faux Flowers

Faux flowers are really easy to use in floral displays, bouquets, wreaths and in many other artistic creations and designs.  

The principle for arranging faux flowers is just the same as for real blooms.  

- Choose either all the same flowers and colour or around 3-4 different types of flowers and colours

- Opaque vases are idea for faux flowers but any type of container can be used.

- Bend and/or cut the stem to the required height length depending on the size of vase you’re using. It’s generally thought that stems should be double the height of the vase, if not taller.

- If you cut your stems and would like to put your arrangement in a vase with water do dab some glue  on the cut end to seal.

- Begin your arrangement by fluffing out and styling each stem before placing them in the vase. You can use oasis to hold them in place. Each stem can also be bent into position; this helps to make them look even more realistic.

- When complete, place your stunning arrangement in a great location where it can be clearly seen and admired.

If you’d like to share a picture of your arrangement with us, please email it with your name to hello@thefauxflowersshop.com and we will feature it on our Facebook page, Instagram and Pinterest accounts.

What You're Saying about us

Just loving the effect these beautiful flowers have given to our living room.   They look so lifelike.

Jemima, London

Was really amazed how authentic these flowers were and really delighted with my purchase.

Charlene, Manchester

I bought some of the roses and created a thank you bouquet for a friend - she was delighted with it.

Trudy, Reading

Lovely variety of flowers - and I was really pleased with the quality.

Suzanne, Grantham

The stocks and delphiniums are fabulous - and have been brightening up my days.

Claire, Bolton

"They are absolutely WONDERFUL and they are, also, every other superlative description I can think of; gorgeous, beautiful, exquisite, magnificent, stately, English cottage garden total joy, enriching, heartwarming, wonderfully designed and made:  EVERYTHING that's marvellous and all at once!"

  • Sarai Armstrong -"To The Moon and Back"

  • Photoshoot by @LucyBrabenPhoto

  • Photoshoot by @LucyBrabenPhoto

  • Photoshoot by @LucyBrabenPhoto

  • Photoshoot by @LucyBrabenPhoto

  • Photoshoot by @LucyBrabenPhoto

Sarai Armstrong -"To The Moon and Back"

Photoshoot by @LucyBrabenPhoto

Photoshoot by @LucyBrabenPhoto

Photoshoot by @LucyBrabenPhoto

Photoshoot by @LucyBrabenPhoto

Photoshoot by @LucyBrabenPhoto